Branded Merchandise and Goods

Whether you already have a long established brand or are taking your first steps into the world of branding and making a name for yourself, GMG have got you covered.

We pride ourselves on our ability to both build brands and build on existing brands. Creating interesting and appealing merchandise and delivering both physical goods and the means to sell them, that can help you generate additional revenue for your business. It may be for a specific event, launch, a gift shop, or just general online sales… whatever you need, we can develop the solution with you.

In addition to this we offer various finance options from a direct sale of designed and manufactured goods to flexible retail partnership agreements tailored to suit your specific needs and the unique event requirements.

Dedicated Web Shop and Online Service

The GMG Design Studio can build you a bespoke webshop that is either hosted on its own domain, or as part of your website when only a stand-alone fully managed webshop solution will cut it. Our full service company provides the means to design and manufacture the products to suit your brand, capture the perfect photos in our photo studio and showcase of each product in a uniquely designed online retail platform. Backoffice support, logistics and order fulfilment are all easily managed by our local warehouse and customer service teams ensuring prompt and cost effective delivery with our professional and friendly customer service.

Gift Shop Construction and Management

In addition to pop-up theatre kiosks, GMG also manages and operates a number of more elaborate and detailed merchandising spaces across the globe. Some, such as Dubai Opera in Dubai, and Solaire Casino in the Manila, are managed all year round by our local teams who operate the sale of souvenirs for all shows and events that pass through the venues. Each venue has its own branded merchandise which we offer for sale in partnership alongside the popular show merchandise. We are also the main operator and vendor for all major theatrical shows that tour China.

Others are operated on a more seasonal basis with shows and events that make their way around to less traditional retail spaces and that require us to create a unique shop in sometimes the most unexpected places. From the Mandela Exhibition shop under the arches of the London Waterloo Vaults, to the FriendsFest gift shop springing up in a field tent, we can do it all.

Our skilled operations team are present right from the start to set up, build and design the creative retails spaces as well as prepare the retail environment for the staff teams to operate the sales. This includes setting up of POS systems, back office reporting and stock management on site and from our remote storage locations.

Global Warehousing & Logistics

We have a network of offices, partners and warehouses across the globe so that, wherever you are, we are always nearby!

Map Key

1 - UK Office/Warehouse

2 - London Office
3 - US Partner/Warehouse
4 - India Factory/Warehouse
5 - Shenzen Office/Factory/Warehouse
6 - Shantou Office/Factory/Warehouse
7 - Philippines Office
8 - Hong Kong Office
9 - Australia Partner/Warehouse
10 - Dubai Office
11 - Trinidad Office
12 - Kuala Lumpur Office

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